The SPEECH intervention

Is designed to empower people aged 65+ with two or more long-term conditions to improve communication with their General Practice and reduce risks to patient safety. 

The patient booklet

Contains information and guidance on “How to get the most out of your general practice”. Including how to get, develop and build: 

  1. Information about staff and services
  2. Skills to prepare and explain
  3. Confidence to speak up and ask

Objectives for section 1: Information about staff and services

To increase patient knowledge of the staff and services available at their practice, and encourage the belief that staff would understand and help with mental health.

Objectives for section 2: Skills to prepare and explain

To advise, encourage and motivate patients to:

  • Prepare for / write things down before an interaction with their practice
  • Prioritise what they want to discuss
  • Use their notes during interactions

We also aim to increase patient knowledge about:

  • The content of their medical records and how they are used by staff
  • What is important to communicate / what staff want to know

Finally, in this section, we aim to build patient skills to be succinct and direct, provide relevant information and make their needs, concerns, ideas and preferences known.

Objectives for section 3: Confidence to speak up and ask

To build patient confidence that they know themselves and when something is not right, and reduce reluctance to speak up.

We also aim to:

  • Encourage the belief that it is better to speak up than ignore a concern
  • Encourage patients to raise conflicting information and/or uncertainties with staff
  • Build patient skills to ask questions and seek confirmation and clarity, without appearing aggressive or demanding